Doomed to Oblivion - 鄭板橋
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Painter CHENG PANG KIU (WONG HE) heads for Yangzhou to look for job opportunities, where he meets two writers, KAM NONG (MOK KAI YIU) and WONG SUN (MAK BAU). KIU believes that with his talent and wisdom he will achieve fame one day. But sometimes success is really the luck of the draw. KIU has lived under the rule of three kings in succession, namely, KANG XI (CHUN PUI), YONG ZHENG (TSANG WAI KUEN) and QIAN LONG. After years of striving for accomplishments, he has finally secured a government post to become a prominent official, which is what he has always wanted. However, the problem of corruption in government is growing serious, which has left KIU disappointed. KIU cannot make a go of his political career. Neither does he have a happy love life. When KIU first arrives in Yangzhou, he meets a stunningly beautiful prostitute WONG YAT TSE (LAI CHI, GI GI). They have soon become lovers and have an intention to get married. Unfortunately when KIU asks for permission from TSE’s mother, he is given the cold shoulder. He is thrown into despair and eventually, though reluctantly, decides to marry TSE’s maid, CHUI (CHAN CHUNG LING, NADIA). CHUI is a good wife. Her love and care for KIU have deeply touched him. KIU has come first in the civil examination and plans to return home to see CHUI, who is on the verge of death, just for the sake of saving her husband. Before she dies, she encourages KIU to marry another maid NG MUI (WU, MYOLIE). KIU is later on framed by TSE and caught in trouble, and it is MUI who has bustled around trying to rescue him. KIU has spent half of his life serving his country but got nothing in the end. Being downhearted, KIU writes QIAN LONG a few words – I’d rather be a fool – and leaves for home with MUI.

 畫家鄭板橋(王喜飾)到揚州尋求發展機會,在那裏認識了文人金農(莫家堯飾)和黃慎(麥長青飾)。板橋以為憑著自己的才情必可揚名立萬。然而,際遇一事可不是板橋所能控制。板橋歷康熙(秦沛飾)、雍正(曾偉權飾)及乾隆(曹永廉飾)三朝,雖終能如願以償,為國效命,然而腐敗的官場,卻不是板橋所喜。 仕途崎嶇,愛情的道路亦一波三折。板橋初到揚州時邂逅了青樓女子王一姐(黎姿飾)。板橋本有機會與一姐成親,卻因一姐之母嫌棄其出身,無奈娶了一姐的侍婢徐氏(陳松伶飾)為妻。徐氏對板橋一片苦心,板橋終被感動。板橋高中舉人,滿心歡喜回鄉,徐氏卻因救板橋而命危。徐氏臨終前力勸板橋另娶下人饒五妹(胡杏兒飾)。板橋對五妹沒半點愛意,五妹卻一點也不介懷。板橋後被王一姐陷害而惹上麻煩,幸得五妹處處為他奔走。 勞碌大半生,落得一事無成,板橋寫下「難得糊塗」四字交給乾隆,然後帶著五妹回鄉歸隱。

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