At Point Blank - 婚姻乏術
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FAI (LO KA LEUNG) is a typical ‘Little man’ and coward. He is a ‘Yes man’ at work and at home. One day, his luck finally changes. His parents-in-law decide to emigrate. He thinks he can be the master of his home again, but he is told that he has cancer. Meanwhile, he has to make a business trip to Bangkok. He thinks he is going to die, so eventually he sheds his cowardice and has a ‘one night stand’ with JUDY (SO YUK WAH, LOUISA). After getting back to Hong Kong, he is notified that he does not have cancer. Guilt towards his wife binds him to good behaviour. Suddenly, JUDY appears and follows him around. Then his wife NANCY (YUEN KING DAN) finds out about this matter and his mother-in-law returns to Hong Kong without notice. He is assured of restless days…

 小男人要發威,竟然惹到一身蟻,羅景輝(羅嘉良飾)如何化解這段三角關係? 若要解釋何為「小男人」,羅景輝便是個活生生的好例子。景輝為人沒有甚麼,只是性格卻非常懦弱,工作上事事唯命是從,在家處處受岳母箝制。 一天,景輝好運突來,岳丈岳母要移民,這次以為可以重奪一家之主的地位!景輝還未「掌權」,卻發現患上癌症,頓時晴天霹靂,上天這個玩笑開得也真大!此時景輝要到曼谷公幹,因覺命不久矣且機會難逢,他終於戰勝了怯懦之心,與溫婉柔(蘇玉華飾)發生了一夜情。回港後,景輝發覺驗身報告出錯,想到自己對賢妻的不忠,非常內疚,遂決定以後會循規蹈矩。 本來一切安好,怎料婉柔竟突然出現且苦苦癡纏。一波未平一波又起,妻子程曉男(苑瓊丹飾)發現丈夫有外遇,岳母亦突然回港。今次真是恨錯難返,莫非真是一失足成千古恨?

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