The Building Blocks of Life - 建築有情天
Release Date:
Interiordesign company owner CHUNG KWOK KEUNG (Alex Fong) is once an ambitious,talented and favorite student of renowned architect KWONG SHING YUE (Chung King Fai). He gave up his dream when his father passed away and he took up his family business.As time goes by, the ambitious KEUNG has become an ambitionless man who has no opinions of his own. He has been together with CHING WAI YEE (Christine Ng) for six years in a too long and comfortable way. His life change when he bump intoFreeda (Tavia Yeung), an ambitious architect whom has a soft spot for him and incidents make them become colleague and she has supported him in his work....The plots get interesting with office politics struggle, the love blossom between Isaac and Freeda and the jealous girlfriend Winnie.

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